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Westfalia-Automotive  Supplying Towbar Solutions to the Motoring Public

Towbars engineered to precisely fit your individual vehicle & they are quick and easy to install

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Over 700 DIFFERENT TOWBAR designs to fit your make and model vehicle

Developed in close cooperation with the automotive industry and engineered to precisely fit your vehicles towbar mounting points. An absolutely perfect fit every time.


Just a “CLICK” and it is INVISIBLE
Over the weekend your towing and carrier system allows you to do many things but once done, why should it still be visible on the back of your vehicle?

The Westfalia-Automotive coupling removes and attaches easily. The only sound you will ever hear from your Westfalia-Automotive coupling is the “Click” when it is inserted. (This feature is not available for all makes & models)

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Built to the highest safety standards
​Every Westfalia-Automotive towbar is designed to exceed the safety standards and to provide you with complete peace of mind.

Every towbar is put through a primer dip coating process and then has a Ameron 1000 G10 dip coat to complete the towbar. Our towbars meet the NZ Domestic Standard 5467 (1993) and Australia Design Regulations (ADR).
State of the art Towbars, design and production processes,
Including 3D CAD systems, laser cutting systems and testing to meet the ADR Requirements (Australian Design Regulations) and NZ Domestic Standard 5467 (1993) , to ensure custom-tailored, high-quality and perfectly constructed tow bars.

This ensures your new towbar will fit perfectly and be aesthetically pleasing to the eye.
We can come to you to fit your new Towbar in these locations, or you can visit one of our Authorised Towbar Distributor's
Auckland     |     Bay Of Plenty    |     Waikato
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How does the Mobile Fitment Service work?

Our mobile service is available in Auckland and Waikato Regions Monday to Saturday, or in the Bay of Plenty on Saturday’s at NO EXTRA CHARGE!! All we require is an empty boot of all personal belongings, and a flat concrete surface. We also do fitments at our workshop at 25 Boeing Place, Mount Maunganui, Monday to Friday.

What do I need to know about Tow balls?

There are two different sizes of tow balls, 1 7/8” which is the most common in New Zealand, and 50mm which is the European sizing which most countries around the world use.

Most tow balls have their size stamped on top of them, and most trailer couplings have their size and towing capacity marked on them also. However a 1 7/8" coupling will not fit a 50mm tow ball. And a 50mm coupling will not fit a 1 7/8” coupling. The 1 7/8" tow ball fits into the 50mm trailer coupling easily but is not a secure fit, and is unsafe due to the coupling being unable to secure onto the tow ball. We can supply either 1 7/8 or 50mm tow balls, at customer’s request.

Why is using a pipe bicycle carrier illegal?

Potentially you could be breaking the law in two areas. The law clearly states that you cannot cover your vehicle rear tail lights or your registration plate. The driver is legally obligated to fit additional lights like a light board and/or number plates. The best option is to get a Westfalia-Automotive BC60 - Bicycle Carrier that has these features and more built into it.

How much can my vehicle tow?

Towing capacity is specified by the vehicle manufacturer and can usually be found in the owner’s manual. It will give you an unbraked tow rating and a braked rating. The braked rating is the maximum that your vehicle is allowed/able to tow at any time. Unbraked refer’s to your trailer not having brakes, whereas Braked refer’s to your trailers brakes. Our tow bars also have a tow rating sticker on the tow bar – to manufacturer’s specifications.

For more information regarding this:

What are a Westfalia-Automotive A40F and A40V Coupling?

Westfalia-Automotive is one of the largest tow bar manufacturers in the world. Has perfected the best in Towbar coupling systems. It is discreet, does not rattle, has a keyed lock and is fitted with a simple click. Compare the differences between the A40V & A40F

Can a Bicycle Carrier break my Towbar?

Absolutely, testing has shown that due to the high leverage caused by carrying too many bicycles, towbars can fail due to the improper use of bicycle carriers. Towbars are not made to carry the type of loads created by overloaded carriers or pipe type bicycle carriers. The further away the carrier is from the rear of your vehicle and the more bicycles you carry, the higher the forces.

The effect it causes is leverage (whilst driving bicycles tend to move and bounce on bicycle carriers, due to the road surface – there is also the downward air pressure on your bicycle’s), and therefore either causing breaks, bends or damages to your tow bar, this can also cause damages to your vehicles chassis.

All towbars have a maximum Vertical Weight – this is what your towbar can handle when using a bicycle carrier. In Europe special testing programs have been created to test both the bicycle carrier system and the towbar to ensure it does not cause failure of your towbar. We subscribe to these standards and only supply carrier systems that pass these tests. We have the safety certificate that meets all the European Safety Standards - available upon request for the Westfalia-Automotive BC60 Bicycle Carrier.

Our recommendation is a bicycle carrier that is a platform type bicycle carrier, that sits at the same level as the towbar - like the Westfalia-Automotive BC60 Bicycle Carrier, which also has features like rear tail lights (indicator, reverse, brake and number plate light), number plate holder and tilt function, it also has a keyed lock onto your towbar and bicycles.
We supply towbars for most models of the following vehicles
Some conditions may apply. In some cases, because we supply OEM towbars for certain models we cannot guarantee supply for
every make & model. In that case we will let you know where you can purchase a Westfalia-Automotive towbar from.
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